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Marble countertops are part of luxury in a home. They are made from raw, natural marble that has been quarried, sliced, water blasted, buffed, and polished into the shinning slabs. If you are looking for elegance and beauty, marble with its natural color and veining is hard to beat.

However, it is not a stain and scratch resistant. It is porous, more so than other natural stone countertops, and acidic substances will leave a stain if not cleaned up quickly. Wine will also stain marble if not immediately removed. Moreover, you should not use just any chemical cleaner on marble. Marble needs to be professionally sealed after installation and resealed periodically afterwards. If marble countertops are properly maintained, they can last the lifetime of your home.

We will do all for you. We will design, fabricate, and install marble countertops in Atlanta and surroundings. We have an effective planning in place and the best price for you.

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